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M anuscripts form an important source of the literary heritage in the world. They make use of different writing supports, such as paper, palm leaf, tree-bark, parchment, bamboo and other materials. Manuscripts also provide crucial historical sources for the study of past civilisations and modern societies.

However, in the course of history people’s care for these sources became less and manuscripts were discarded as unimportant, so that many people today view manuscripts as an obsolete object that may be of only fleeting relevance. Social and political conflicts can also make manuscripts to become damaged or destroyed. As a result, manuscripts are not uncommon to be kept in a haphazard manner regardless of the potential for destruction.
T he main method used by DREAMSEA is to gather as much information as possible from Southeast Asian societies about the existence of manuscripts. After proper assessment and checking, a DREAMSEA team will digitise the manuscripts to save the literary heritage and safeguard cultural diversity without having to pay high financial costs. The digitised manuscripts will then be made fully and openly accessible online.

Particularly in Indonesia, all DREAMSEA digitising missions are carried out thanks to a kind cooperation with members of the Indonesian Association for Nusantara Manuscripts/Masyarakat Pernaskahan Nusantara (MANASSA), and, in some missions, with help from a conservation team of the Jakarta National Library/Perpustakaan Nasional.

DREAMSEA is pleased to announce that our digital repository is ready to access with the kind collaboration of the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library. To view manuscript collections digitised by DREAMSEA please browse our DREAMSEA Repository. At present, three collections are online – DS10 collection of La Ode Zaenu, Bau-Bau, Southeast Sulawesi; DS12 various collections from Kuningan, West Java; and DS11 collection of Vat Maha That Rasabovoravihan, Luang Prabang, Laos – and others will soon follow.

If you have an information about the existence of the manuscripts around you, please share it with us. You can email us; follow us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; and promote hashtag #SaveOurManuscripts on your Social Media. We will follow up and be very happy to help you to preserve your historical manuscripts.


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