Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia


A collection of manuscripts from several owners. Manuscripts in this collection mostly use Javanese and Arabic written in Pegon and Arabic script. The contents of the texts are varied, including Islamic teachings, theology, Islamic stories, and stories of local heroes. Some texts are written in the form of poetry (pupuh), others in the form of descriptions. The text is written on paper, European paper and tree bark paper. There are rubrics and illuminations on several pages.

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Project details

᛫ Collection name: Private Collection of Adi Purwadi, Asmoyo, Barur Rohim, Jam’i Abdul Gani, Kasri, Musattar Ibrahim, Sarino, Sucipto, Sunali, Welly Abdur Ridho, and Yasin
᛫ Digitising year: 2019
᛫ Number of manuscripts: 21

Field team member
᛫ Academic expert: A. Ginanjar Sya'ban
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Wiwin Indiarti
᛫ Photographer: Tedi Permadi
᛫ Assistant photographer: Benedictus Satrio


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