Accessing the Manuscript Online Repository

DREAMSEA provides free and open access to digitized manuscripts from various collections in Southeast Asia. You can access all manuscripts that have been uploaded to our online repository through the DREAMSEA website portal. You can read details on how to access the collection on this guide page.

1. Visit, click REPOSITORY

2. Choose “Manuscripts”

3. Choose “Country”, “City (Province)” and “Collection (owner)”. You can adjust the other option as needed.

4. Choose the link of the manuscript code, then click.

5. Using the filters

DREAMSEA Project Number

The DREAMSEA project number consist of three code combination. The DS stands for DREAMSEA, first four digits cluster stands for collection/ownership number, and last five digits stands for the manuscript number on the collection.

Example: DS 0012 00001 can be read as “DREAMSEA collection/owner number 12, and manuscript number 1”. Therefore you will get this manuscript details page.

Subject Matter

The subject matters field allows you to search for manuscripts based on the topics contained in the text. Our academic experts have gathered the appropriate keywords. You can see a list of keywords that can be used in this filter here:

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