Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


This collection of manuscripts is owned by YAPENA and is located in Bandung, West Java. The manuscripts are generally written in Sundanese language, but there are also some that use Javanese, Arabic, and Malay. They were written using Arabic, Pegon, Javanese, and Latin scripts on paper, European paper, and bark paper. The contents of the manuscripts are very diverse and include stories adapted from Islamic stories, local mythological stories, stories of local heroes, Sufism, theology, Islamic teachings, astrology, grammar, and others written in the form of prose and poetry. Additionally, some of the manuscripts have rubrics, illuminations, and illustrations.

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Project details

Collection name: YAPENA
Digitising year: 2019
Number of manuscripts: 75

Field team member
᛫ Academic expert: Munawar Holil
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Aditia Gunawan
᛫ Photographer: Fathurahman
᛫ Assistant photographer: Muhammad Daud


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