Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia


The manuscripts in this collection generally contain texts with Islamic treasures, including commentary texts on hadiths, interpretations of the Al-Qur'an, sufism, explanations of Islamic laws, prayers, theology, Arabic grammar, and mystical texts. Texts that look interesting in this collection include Durrat al-ahkam and Utur al-miskiyah by Sultan Aidrus, and Insan Kamil by Al-Jilli.

The languages used include Malay, Arabic and Wulio. Generally, texts are written on paper media, both European paper and other types of paper with Jawi, Arabic, Pegon, and Buri Wulio characters. Some of them illustrated with unique images and patterns.

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Project details

Collection name: La Ode Zaenu
Digitising year: 2018
Number of manuscripts: 126

Field team member
᛫ Academic expert: Hasaruddin
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Falah Sabirin
᛫ Photographer: Pramono
᛫ Assistant photographer: Aditia Gunawan
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