Indramayu, West Java, Indonesia


These manuscripts come from ten collections in Indramayu City, West Java, Indonesia. One collection belongs to the Legok village government which is written on palm leaf media in Javanese language and script. The contents are village inventory records such as the number of livestock, agricultural products, and taxes. Other collections come from individual owners scattered around the Indramayu area with a variety of written materials, scripts and languages. The contents of the texts are also varied, including agriculture, almanacs, predictions, stories, charms, prayer, and Islamic jurisprudence.

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Mission details

᛫Collection name: Government of Legok Village, Nang Sadewo, Ki Kartawi, Radiwan, Ki Lebe Ibrohim, Toharudin, Chairul, Archi Sadewa, Ki Dalang Karta, Sutrisno, Ki Tarka Sutarahardja
᛫Digitising year: 2018
᛫Number of manuscripts: 43

Team member
᛫ Academic expert: Faizal Amin
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Ki Tarka Sutarahardja
᛫ Photographer: Surya Selfika
᛫ Assistant photographer: Ray Mengku
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