Bantaeng, South Sulawesi, Indonesia


Faisal's collection includes Buginese and Malay manuscripts written in Lontara and Jawi scripts. The manuscripts contain various notes such as diaries and registers, and some pages include diagrams, tables, and information on traditional astrological calculations (Kutika). The collection is noteworthy for its use of multiple scripts, including Lontara, Jawi (Serang), and Latin.

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Project details

Collection name: Private collection of Faisal
Digitising year: 2019
Number of manuscripts: 2

Field team member
᛫ Academic expert: Husnul Fahimah Ilyas
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Sitti Syakirah Abu Nawas
᛫ Photographer: Ilham Nurwansah
᛫ Assistant photographer: Andri Mulyadi


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