Vat Maha That Rasabovoravihan, Luang Prabang, Laos


The original manuscripts are kept in Vat Maha That Rasabovoravihan, one of the oldest monasteries in the city of Luang Prabang. These manuscripts show that already in the past the monastery was a centre of religious learning, festivals and rituals where social events took place and where people could study and meditate. The texts in these manuscripts include Buddhist doctrines, tales, chronicles, ways to obtain merit, prayers, white magic, vinaya rules, as well as medicine written in the three languages of Pali, Lao, and Lue, and written in Tham Lao, Lao, and Tham Lue script.
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Mission details

Collection name: Vat Maha That Rasabovoravihan
Digitising year: 2018
Number of manuscripts: 450

Team member
᛫ Academic expert: Khamvone Boulyaphonh
᛫ Assistant academic expert: Phap Pisavat
᛫ Photographer: Somsack Thongsavatphon
᛫ Assistant photographer: Bunsu Saytham
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