Manuscripts Should be Preserved, Not Exploited
July 10, 2018
Conducting Preliminary Assessments: DREAMSEA is Preparing 12 Missions for Digitising Manuscripts
August 1, 2018

Jakarta, DREAMSEA – Workshop on Preservation of Manuscripts in Southeast Asia was also attended by Walid Mourad and Dr. Salam Rassi. Both come from the Hill Museum and Manuscripts Library (HMML), an institution that is very experienced in preservation activities and manufacture of digital manuscript libraries. DREAMSEA will work with HMML to build a digital repository that will store digital manuscripts. For HMML, this is their first experience building a manuscript database in Southeast Asia.

Walid Mourad, Director of Field Operation HMML

“We are happy and proud to be partnering with DREAMSEA to do this project in Southeast Asia”, said Walid Mourad, Director of Field Operations HMML.

DREAMSEA will refine metadata content that is often missed by the attention of previous digitalisation programs. In addition to collecting physical data of the manuscripts, the program will collect ethnographic data on the history of the ownership of manuscripts, socio-cultural conditions, and the use of manuscripts by the community.

Dr. Salam Rassi, HMML Metadata Making Expert

HMML Metadata Making Expert, Dr. Salam Rassi, appreciate the metadata content enrichment plan. According to him, this will make the DREAMSEA repository content more prestigiousbecause it gives a lot of information to the public. Salam also appreciate the capacity of participants who have a lot of knowledge about manuscripts preservation strategies.

“So, I learned a lot from the participants who know of how varied diversions manuscripts, some languages ​​in a script involved but the rich are new for us”, said Salam Rassi.

“Workshop on Preservation of Manuscripts in Southeast Asia” at Hotel Santika Premiere Bintaro, Indonesia, on July 4-7th, 2018. The workshop aims to provide enrichment to teams that will carry out digitalisation program of manuscripts in Southeast Asia. [MNF]

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